Chevra USA

Michael Schiffman is Director of Chevra USA, formerly the Anshe Rachamim Humanitarian Organization. As such, he travels throughout the former Soviet Union seeking to help elderly Jewish people in need and overseeing our Messianic Jewish congregations throughout the former Soviet Union.

Dr. Schiffman grew up in New York in a traditional Jewish family. He has earned B.A., M.Div and D.Min degrees. In addition, he has had ongoing studies of Talmud, Shulchan Oruch, and Chassidus with a Chassidic Rabbi. 

He has led three Messianic Jewish congregations since 1981, in:
• Phoenix, Arizona
• Columbus, Ohio
• New York City 

He has previously held the positions of:
• UMJC Treasurer
• UMJC Theology Chairman
• UMJC Credentials Chairman
• UMJC Mid-West Regional Director
• UMJC International Liaison

His current positions are:
• Director of Chevra USA
• Rabbinical Staff of Congregation Shuva Yisrael in Simsbury, Connecticut
• Secretary of the UMJC Executive Committee
• Councilman on the North American Halachic Council
• Professor of Rabbinic Literature in the Messianic Jewish Theological Institute
• Adjunct Professor at St. Petersburg Theological Seminary
• Adjunct Professor at Fuller Seminary

Dr Schiffman is a lecturer on Messianic Judaism, History, Torah and Messianic Worship. He has authored two books and been a frequent contributor of articles to Boundaries, Kesher, Messianic Outreach and other publications.

Helping Hand Coalition (HHC)

Executive Director, Dr. Andre Gasiorowski

Helping Hand Coalition is an Israel-based international humanitarian aid relief organization which was established in 2006 as an Amutah (Israeli equivalent of a U.S. non-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization). However, some of its leadership and the leadership of God's Grace International have worked together, caring for the Jewish poor throughout the former Soviet Union (FSU) for over 20 years. But within the FSU focus, the combined leadership knew from Scripture that one day all eyes would be on Israel for varied reasons, with God directing our attention to the needs in Israel, as well as the former Soviet Union.

When that day finally came, we explored Israel, seeing many needs which caught our focus. But specifically, the Holy Spirit opened our eyes and hearts with our Messiah-compassion to see the many thousands of Holocaust survivors suffering with poor health, dreadful living conditions, and unsubstantial daily food. Soon they all will be gone due to their advanced age and failing health! We heard God's call upon our hearts to care for His people who have suffered so much, even to this present day. Thus, Helping Hand Coalition was formed to express God's love in tangible ways to provide for their needs, esteeming them with honor, dignity, and joy!

Chevra International

Executive Director, Leszek Lazovski

Chevra International is an organization that has been involved in massive humanitarian aid relief efforts for over 20 years in the former Soviet Union, Eastern Europe, and Israel. Leszek Lazovski is well known and highly respected in both the religious and civic communities. He is the CEO of Helping Hand Coalition.