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To the Jewish people

God's Grace International is a Messianic Jewish ministry with a distinct commitment of solidarity with the State of Israel and the Jewish people. The Bible charges us to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, to be of comfort with tender words, to stand up and speak out in her defense, and for her salvation (Psalm 122:6; Isaiah 40:1-2; Isaiah 62:1).


Due to the many fires in and around Jerusalem, the entire nation of Israel is being affected.  Many of the fires are a result of arson, and many homes have been lost.  More homes are being threatened, along with the hospitals.


Psalms 122:6 – “Pray for the peace of Jerusalem:  they shall prosper that love thee.”


God's Grace International has some great news to share about what Yeshua and we are doing with the Lemba in Zimbabwe!!

Drilling of Wells - Currently, 30 wells have been drilled. These wells have all been named after Yeshua, and are providing clean water for the Lemba.

We have just started Yeshua's Kitchen to feed the needy.  Yeshua's kitchen will allow for meals seven days a week, to feed the Lemba community.  Most of them are orphans, elderly or sick.

We also have started Yeshua College in Harare, Zimbabwe.  This will train the Lemba to lead Congregations, not only in Zimbabwe, but also throughout the world to complete the Great Commission Yeshua on Earth gave the Jewish people to carry out.

Yeshua Kitchen 1Yeshua Kitchen 2

Pictures above are from The Yeshua Kitchen at the Rebecca Site